Untitled 1 by Jennifer Gordon
Postcards - Rainy Night by Gary Turchin
Chips 3 by John Gordon Anderson
Flora 09-89 by Roe Anne White
Early Morning by Pierre Laroche
Apex by Doug Convente
County Fair 6 by David Aschkenas
Duality by Camden Hosea-Small
Red Back Chair by Robert Aker
Feet on Melbourne Streets 01 by Fabian Mahaut
Moon Rise by Dennis Fritsche
Dead End by Wayne Norton
Joey's Knockout by Nino Trentinella
Flower 04 by Paul Chapp
Siena 17 by Rania Matar
Bricks & Paint Splatter by Robert Hecht
Cemetary by Catharine J. Anderson
Leaf Abstraction No. 2 by Robert McCurley
Jade by Yves Harnois
Bench In Tuileries by Marian Crostic
Pathway by Eric Llewellyn
Colored Wall by Glenn M. Nash
Reflection by Marian Crostic
Jessamyn by Dan Olek
Eddy by Donald Vetter
Man on Bike by Marian Crostic
Held by Arla Patch
Untitled 3 by Randy Cole
GeeBee by Vern Bartley
Andrew with Staff by Dorothy Reich
Bus Stop by Marian Crostic
Blues by Susan Guthrie
Oscar by Jeffrey Berman
Dutch Clutch 7 by Rebecca Rothey
Butterfly #4 by Ted Fuller
Monjas Plaza Mayor by Pedro Fernandez Melero
Into the Light by Jerry Staton
Chimney 1 by Albert Alan Normandin
Hell's Gate by Mark Greenland
In the Fog #1 by Andrea Miatto
Early Morning Sky by Ed Krygier
Dressform by Kathleeen Dickens
As Nature Weeps by Lori Snyder
At my Feet by Mary Goodrich
Untitled 2 by Tresha Glenister
Dubrovnik Walls 2 by Ethan Salter
Laguna Colorado by Gary Koutsoubis
Head Trip by John F. Johnson
Pink Tulip by Jerry Cahak
Single Man by Marian Crostic