Reflection Pool II by Jazan Kozma
Flying Stick by Mark Greenland
The Rock by Anthony Paxton
Lochan Urr by Jose Paulo Andrade
McWay Falls by James P. Sweeney
Merced River 2 by Oliver Klink
A Day At The Beach 7 by Bob Witkowski
Mono Lake #5 by Eric Wiswell
Untitled 09 by Barbara Warren
Lake Situ Patenggang by Benny Asrul
Tmeless Timbers by Mark Anderson
Wall Morph by Scott Reither
Grassy Waters by Lois Alexander-Mandel
Moeraki Boulders by Shaun Mazurek
Pacific Sunset by Norman Robbins
Untitled 01 by Barbara Warren
Dark Waters by Dale Niles
Iceberg Hole by Bob Neiman
Swamp Reflections by Edward Ries
Light on Surf by Gary Wagner
Sea Wall by Gary Wagner
Chiaroscuro by John E. Kelly
Breakwater by Hakan Strand
Eight Poles by Otakar Hevler
Wake by Rodger Overholser
Winther Beach by Tor Waageng
Hot August Day by Douschan Tomic
First Light by Robert Miller
S-Curve by Steve Ross Fisher
Dancing clouds by Julio M. De Pena
Merced River by Oliver Klink
Mountain Lake Sunset by James Bruce Schwabach
Kilgore Falls by Mike Eubanks
Columbia River by T. G. Wilcox
Fallen by Alex Belov
Lovers by Charles H. Carver
Outbound by Gary Wagner
River of Frozen Water 2 by Joe Nemec
Kishwaukee Backwater by Bruce Wehman
Coastal Storm by Ralph Baskin
Wetlands  04 by Art Herman
Of Rocks and Driftwood No.4 (Paired) by Sonia Melnikova-Raich
Iceland Explorations by Jack Curran
Cannon Beach by Jo Fields
Stream by Michael Moyer
Dynjandi Detail by Steve Moretti
Lake Te Anau by Suzanne Wright
Untitled 3 by Richard Chirichillo
Cape Elizabeth by Charles Robinson
Late to the Supermoon by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter