Heads 1 by Cicero Alberto Mafra
Downtown by William A. Oliver
Black Drummer by Heiner Pflug
Midsummer Eve 2 by Svend Videbaek
Espinho #015 by Jaime Teixeira Acioli
Nude Indigo 5 by Michael Slack
Alambra Ceiling by Dan Agam
Balloon Glow by Michael T. Owens
7-Only Children and Fools by Maddie Holbrook
Untitled 2 by Catherine Lambert
Black and Yellow Traps by Diane Seskes
Into the Woods 1 by Eduardo Fujii
Brooke at Ash Cave by Dave Levingston
Ocean Art 22 by Angela Cameron
Alysha Effigy 2 by Brian Eaves
Ghost Train by Jeremiah Cogan
Black Rain by Marco Vergano
Atrato River by Larry Kincaid
Water Tower 15 by Kevin Babcock
Leg by Mike Nalley
Cadillac Clouds by Jim Nichelson
Alex by Jim Lazos
Constructing An Escape - 2 by Chin Siew Hoon
Autumn Form II by Shawna Eberle
Gumballs and Graffiti by Larry Monczka
Red Triangle by Erlend B. Enger
Cobraheads by Jane Spencer
Beyond the Doorway by Robert Polillo
Demolition Derby Car 112 by Bob Delevante
Chiapanecas by Rosa Calderon
Sloss Furnace 2 by Richard A. Reading
Blue Door by Michael James Wallischeck
Stone+Water 4 by Bill Mauzy
Vision by Peggy Faye
Classmates Collage by David Julian
A Little Fruit by Chanda Elaine Spurlock
Reflection by Duncan M. Wilson
Beauty Parlor & Barber Shop by Jim Kasson
Opening by Eileen Allington
Chicago Buildings by Stanley E. Harris
WildernessLake by Paul Kloschinsky
The Last Spa by Peter Serko
Rocks 1 by Fabrice Strippoli
Copse by John Hennessy
Blue MEC 949 by Ann L. Drumrein
Floaters # 9 by Linda Leeger Stokes
Light by Mike Grandmaison
Downy Soft Sky by Kip Folker
Location 42 Fourteen by William Morningstar
Bobigny by Tom M. Johnson