Golden Autumn by Petar Iliey
Sunrise III by Barbara Goodbody
2nd Occurrence by Brian Hewitt
Tuileries by Marian Crostic
Another Sisiter by Howard M. Christopherson
Night cat by Mark S. Brodie
Shapes 5 by VEX
Banana Cream Pie by Grant Hamilton
Big Wheel by Marian Crostic
Radio Babies by Jeff Wiles
Tree of Life by Peter Lik
Clothesline by Richard Martin
Carousel Horse 4 by H. Stephen Bjornson
Coming Storm by Franco Sambo
Small Face by Patrick Campbell
Ocher Olive Jar by Kevin Tallant
New York's Time by Alexander Tkachev
Coastal Pines by Jim Witkowski
Threshold 1 by Kelley Stapleton
Industrial Renegade by David K. Jones
ATAC by Emmanuel Schnetzler
Abstract#1 by Jack Challem
Threshold 4 by Kelley Stapleton
Bus Stop by Nancy Strahinic
Connected #2 by Taylor Graham
Dreams of the Sacrifice 7 by Gene Newell
Dreams of a Dog by Marguerite Garth
Incognito by Vicki Wilson Hunt
Threshold 3 by Kelley Stapleton
Musee by Marian Crostic
Human Pandemic by Curtis Salonick
Threshold 2 by Kelley Stapleton
River Seine by Marian Crostic
Abstract#1 by Jack Challem
Abstract#1 by Jack Challem