Soul Sickness II by Clare Benson
Allure by Faisal Almalki
New York Color by Allan R. Lamb
Water Ghost by Yash Holbrook
Moraine by Dar Spain
Bubbles by Nancy Abens
Transformations #132 by Kristin Holcomb
Crassula 02 by Ron Semrod
Intersection by Jamie Tracy
Spring Soup by Dorothy Gantenbein
Calm by Dave Skinner
Lulling Rhythms 5. Monterey by Robin Ward
Angel Rising by Joe Guimera
Church Door by Scott Ober
Iris by Randall Conway
Flower 6 by Brenda Lindfors
Fundamentals 1 by Sue Bryan
Roadmaster by Gregory Collins
Ford by Lewis P. Stolman
Hands by Eduardo Bermudez
Water Series 1 by Adger Cowans
On the Road by Don Russell
Art District by Charles Jones
Horizon #1 by Marlene Weinstein
Encounter by Don Brown
Woman of Assam by Gerald Appel
Undersea Tunnel by Heather French
2b A Walk in the Park - Late Fall by Javier Dominguez
Sculpture 1 by John A. Foltz
Mom and Son by Benny Asrul
En-route by Liv Kristin Robinson
Face 13 by Paul C. Chauncey
Lotus Detail #2 by Jerome D. Julius, Jr.
Carnival 11 by Geraldo Villin Prado
Early October on Lake Erie by Ian Wallace
Grass and Fallen Leaves by Bob Rogers
Forget Saturday by Stefanie Cannon
A Whispering Grey Suggestion by Francois Breton
Winter's Coat by Britt Ripley
Hudson Highlands Squall by Greg Miller
Soaring by Bernardo Bacosa
Give Me 5 by Ezekiel Tarango
In Hiding by John L. Coker
Brianna by Bruce Giffin
Mother and Child and Mary Cassatt by Lawrence Russ
John's Lures 5 Forney by Dan Richard Barber
Wine Country by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Battery-Fort Taylor by Robert Steffen
Bedsit by Samantha Roberts
Figurative 2 by Julius Friedman