Below the Dome by Paul Ferrin
Abstract #5 by Jack Challem
Figures Study by Michael R. Ransdell
Bus sStation Resident #3 by Lee Grossman
Forest 5 by Marvin Pelkey
Summer Flowers by Ralph Sammarco
Flowers by Ray Fannin Jr.
Crossed Cultures by Bruce Bowles
Oxidize III by Alejandro Rivera
Cactus Bud 2 by Laurence A.J. Garvie
Wasted by Michael Cheng
Memories For Sale by Joanne Scherf
Untitled 3 by John Kerkacharian
Yang-02 by Alex Braverman
Box Series 3 by Brian Barrer
Devotee and Deity by Louis Montrose
Once Bitten by Tom Chambers
Dusty Road by Teresa Baber
Im Sure by Michelle Colling
Old 705 by Jim DeLutes
Storm on the Horizon by Rita Pignato
Velodrome #3 by Royden F. Heays
Do Not Drink by James R. Swartzlander
Hunters Inn by Kirk Anderson
Red by Shifra Levyathan
Buoys by Riccardo Barbieri
Arches 06 by Patrick Paul Rene
La Nina by Liam Sinnott
Failure by R. Ford Frank
CT #3 by John Wesley
Alien Anatomy by Byron O'Neal
12 #1 by Art Ferrier
Flow by Barbara Bender
Sky-line by Roger Humbert
Easter Procession by Gregory Stringfield
Taters by David Schamberger
Beauty In Symmetry by Francine Douaihy
America Recycled by Asha Walidah
Colorful Wroclaw by Agnieszka Szczurowska
A Seat Beside God by Steven Dembo
Pink Coat by Stephen A. Ronaghan
Orange Rose by Garry Gay
Dreaming of Hawaii by Carolyn S. Cogan
Boat Stock by Jari Poulin
Botrysis Faces by Craig Worth
MG by Simon Peterswald
Reprise by Abigail Wellman
Ollie by Liam Alexander Glass
Tribeca by Eileen Duranko
Adaptive Reuse by Lucian Palmer