Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Untitled 8 by Maksim Yezerov
Thistle by Maggie Meiners
Bleeding Hearts by Suzi Moore McGregory
Irises No.1 by Dan Richard Barber
Untitled 2 by Allen E. Shifrin
Yucca by Dennis Fritsche
Jack in the Pulpit by Virgil DiBiase
Constellation by Bob Bohannon
Flower 1 by Len Sciacchitano
In the Garden 9 by Mike James
High Tide by Rob Haff
Coconut Palms by Felix Michael Mosca
Game Farm 7 by Kathleen AE Donohoe
Dandelion by Keith MacDonald
Chrysanthemum by Kent Croy
Untitled 4 by Steve Damascus
Lotus Petal by Rosemary Williams
Foxglove Negative Xray by Allan F. Gill
Exposed Crab by George A. Taylor
The Awakener by Liao Jung-Chan
Peony by Anthony Bogucki
Calla Lily by Dawn Miller
Rose Abstract by Stan Kuran
Floral Nightscape by Milicska Jalbert
Temptation by Gloria Pereyra
Flower Study #3 by Rick Menapace
Iris by Byong-Ho Brad Kim
Desert Prince by John Kitts
April by Philip J. Pogledich
untiteld 3 by Eli Matityahu
Poker by Mark A. Smith
Harvest Time by Ron Regalado
Pond Plants 4 by Alan Henriksen
By the Path by Bjarne Holmgren