Still Life / Objects

Slumberite by Orlin Nedkov
Ssssensual by David Forehand
White Flower by Gabriel Stanciu
Ad Infinitum by Peter Kurdulija
Destination Unknown by David Guidas
Storm Breach by William Gleeson
Ladder and Shadows by Gregory Collins
NevadaCopperMine8                                          Smith Valley by Gene Crowe
Recollections Number 15 by Philip Gornicki
Ashes by Eric T. Kunsman
Watch Faces by Barbara Hazen
Charred by Ryan Hanley
Buffalo Sky by Bailey Ann Rosen
Algarves by Birgitte Aarestrup
Coconuts 1 by Jose Brito
Pink Cup by Jamie Heiden
Contemporary 101 by Layzhoz Yeap
Altar Thoronet Abbey by Christopher Priebe
Sukkah by Layne Morgan
John's Shed by Jurgen Dopatka
Doylestown Windows by Les Berkley
Abandoned Everglades Memorial Hospital 7 by Gonzalo Rosendo
Dual Gauges by Myron Slabaugh
Makeral Sky by Janeen Macrino
At Rest by Erwin G. Markowitz
Spinning. South London by Shalini Adnani
That's Life 05 by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Mars by Charlie Lemay
Pottery by Bob Ashley
Machine Shop 5810 by Tania Amochaev
Sandals by William T. Saul
Televised by Stephanie Lehr
Whisk Broom by T. Brian Hager
Shadow Patterns by Mike Wonser
Metarie Cemetery #12 New Orleans by Mitch Nelles
Gowanus by Wayne Palmer
Iron Design 2 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
After The... by Michael Howard
Untitled 2 by Jeremy Higgins-Brake
Fashion by Justin Downard
Fences 1 by Joanne Scherf
Still Life by Allan B. Goldstein
Michael Murphy by Michael Tucciarone
20t Trucks by Remi Dussault
Glimpse of Light by Amanda Coleman
The Atlantic Wall No. 20 by Jan Pedersen
The Bench and the Lamp Posts by Jack Ronnel
Boathouse (interior) by Richard Dakin
Church School Window by Edwin Close
Time and Tide #7 by Jean-Francois Sigrist