Father and Son by Errick L. Cameron
Phoenix by Lance Gifford
Interior with Chair & Spring View by Mindy Lee Tarry
Pine Needles by Sara Mortimer
Cymbidium Orchid Flaming 3 Lip by Michael Ferguson
Drip by John Manzi
Wellesley Park 2 by Annie Sakkab
Living Room by Randy Weiner
Untitled 9 by Enea Antonicelli
Abstract Landscape 06 by Andrew Ilachinski
Cous in Carl by Paul Matte
Resonance by Michael Dingley
Transparent Dragonfly by Melvin Adams
Buckskin Gulch 1 by Jim McNamee
4 Ever by Craig Akabak
Rose by Peter Pusztai
Kelp 2 by Thomas Grubba
Hanamachi 4 by Kim Zuill
Birdcage by George Fischer
Reflection #18 by Steve Shelly
Ripples Abstract 8 by Barbara House
Summer's End by Kate Zacharewski
Favorite Shovel by Pat Custer Denison
Mickey`s Diner by Daryl Laudahl
Century City by Bob Witkowski
Sunset over Millinocket Lake #2 by Mary Woodman
Snowscape 3 by Kathy Carbonetti
Red Gladiolus 3 by Cherise Moss
Clio by Robert Petersen
Silver Frame by Gary Schatan
Forbidden Memories IV by George Riveron
Frankly My Deer 80 by Bronwen Hyde
04 by Brandon Lee
Untitled 4 by Janet Weaver
Cowboy by Sherry Adkins
Autumn Breeze by Dean Forbes
In the Subway by Luoshu Chen
Aqua Tones by Matt McCarthy
Tropical Flower Nine by Paul Wittreich
Untitled 2 by Barbara Rachko
Stair by Brian Norris
Turtle Pile by Rochelle Baker
School Desk by James C. Ritchie
Iris with Texture by Gail Dohrmann
Stone  and Chalice by Jess Merrill
Yellow Rose by Bill Bowley
Red Series No. 2 by Lon Casler Bixby
Find Feiningher by Jim Colando
Calla Lillies x-ray by A. F. Gill
Cauliflower by Lynn Karlin