New York City by Eddie Wexler
City Lights-San Francisco by Beatriz Martinez
Cracked Up by Steve Bockstahler
Fall in the Catskills by Gianfranco Vidali
Closed for Winter by Janet Milhomme
Birch Trees at Blueberry Farm by Richard Batch
Weim Noir by Steve Johnson
University Prof by Alison Webb
Waterbury by James Manfredonia
Shreds 3 by Marry Wolf
Fans & Fishtails by George Loustalet
December by Liz Palm
Corks by John Rodrigues
Untitled 1 by Chloé Marchal
Lunch Hour by Doug Phillips
Spy vs Spy by Richard Batch
30 Park Place by Sonia Melnikova-Raich
Molino-San Francisco by Beatriz Martinez
Venice skaters by Lloyd Segal
2 suns by Marry Sav
Parliamentary reflection by Allan James
Hola by Leanne Trivett
Patterns by Gregory McIntosh
Transit Rider Study 8 by David Pantuso
Sunflower Paradise-2 by Patricia Lewis
Sydney Opera House by Sebastian Schuster
Philodendron by Heather McAlister
Rain-Submarine 2 by Natascha Auenhammer
Morning fruit by Timothy Needham
Weathering the Storm by Heather McAlister
Cat by Brendan Best
Dust-to-dust by David Storey
Morning Paper by Philip Rothenberg
Stalin and a Girl by Cynthia Roelle
Camila by David Figueroa
Pot Lids by Helen Stamatacos
Flushed by Leanne Trivett
So Many Choices by John Diephouse
Rain-Submarine  3 by Natascha Auenhammer
Poolside by Ian Danielson
Art Appreciation by Candace Kubinec
The Eye in the Sky. by Leslie Goldman
Weston's Hands by Leanne Trivett
Alien Organic by David Bence
Palms by Aaron Freeman
Phone Repair by Lillian Elaine Wilson
Foam Angel by Gregory McIntosh
Building Abstract by Ira Dwoskin
Seagull and Rock by Lani Doely
Entwined by Debbie Scott-Queenin