Wayfarer by Evan William Plunkett
Second Avenue Subway by Jonathan Pontell
Peter Iredale Shipwreck by Lani Doely
Teapot with cane handle by Carol Smokler
Donut Box by Patricia Lewis
On the street. by Arina Francke
Natural Arrangement by Aynsley Stelfox
Dummies by George Katzenberger
Emerging-San Jose by Beatriz Martinez
Upside Down Chandelier by Jonathan Brooks
Night Skyline by Carlos Chavez-Andonegui
Winter #9 by Evan William Plunkett
Winter Leaves Muir Woods by Robert Jensen
Post’s by Gerald Kovach
Behind the Waterfall 1 by Prescott Lassman
Onion Flowers by Stephanie Hogen
Paper Mache Bird by Jerry Kay
On the Ridge by Vicki Sarris
Slaves Burial Ground #7131 by Miranda Gatewood
Faces by Michael Ross
Patiently Waiting by Maura Allen
Shadows Water and Snow by David Pantuso
Lock Ridge Furnace by Chuck Zovko
Trees Among Trees by Kathy Lee
ExpoDubai by Alberto Porres
Profile of a Lone Cypress by Eduardo Fujii
From 30 by Curtis Fedder
Concert in Campo San Margherita by Jim McKinniss
Road to Lookout by Brian Lavery
Soul Searching by Nancy Munier
Farm Relic by Bruce McCandless
Desert Sentinel by Liliana Novati
Taking a stroll. by Victoria Sandoval
Unfinished Business by Robin Zygelman
Koi Pond by Dusty Cooper
I Do by Chris Bunney
Retail Machine 03 by Rob Brown
Stairs by Christos Markou
Creeping Tree Shadows Over Fence by Larry Chan
Cambridge Shipyard Workshop Bldg. by Will Keyworth
Waiting by Marc Sheridan
Untitled 3 by Tiziana Sonia Spelta
Dahlia by Shelley Seidenberg
Visions by John Diephouse
Trinity by Dave Sova
Shop Girl  #11 by Jenny Verdonk
Monochrome Dreams by Lynne Mass
Soul Sisters by Anne Dignam
Room 105 #01 by Tom Kirkendall
When all life is still ahead by Ricardas Jarmalavicius