Shards by Marry Wolf
Deep Thought by Irene Hill
Doorway by Carl de Moor
University in Heat by Alison Webb
Vertigo by Aynsley Stelfox
Majestic Oak by Leonard Hellerman
Up by Leanne Trivett
Sunrise at the Beach Pavillion 2 by Carol Smokler
Hidden by David Storey
Vector by William Dusterwald
Pendry by Eric Renard
In My Closet by David Bence
Alien X-Ray by Guy Llewellyn
Chair Back by Dave Sova
Art Class by Gene Dominique
Face Value by Tony Perez
Magnolia by Marilyn Hands-Twell
Belwin Conservancy by Jerry Wiese
Clouded Layers by George Loustalet
The Hollow Under Tree Roots by Richard Batch
Olive Tree Meditation by Helen Stamatacos
Bengalis by Robi Chakraborty
Conjunctive Points I by Maureen Haldeman
Battle of the Giants by Jenny DeVine
Mia by Dragan Stevanovic
Light at the End of the Court House by Lawrence Silverman
Screen Shot by Steve Bockstahler
Chrysler by Lilyan Aloma
Untitled by János Szita
Jake Portrait by Dennis Fritsche
Country Road by Candace Kubinec
Behind the Waterfall 2 by Prescott Lassman
Modern Hut #4 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Reflections by Tom Robbins
Clearing Winter Storm by Brian Schneider
Touch #2 by Evan Plunkett
Street by Robi Chakraborty
Swirling Tree by Ira Dwoskin
Spiraling Down by Sara Szpektor
Mystical by Nancy Munier
Inside My Mind by Leanne Trivett
Jessika by Robi Chakraborty
The Path by Jose Paulo Andrade
Food Court by Irene Hill
At Work by Michelangelo Viterbo
Lobby and Ice by Leanne Trivett
Winter Shadows by Owen Lewis
Hurting by Sara Szpektor
Transit Rider Study 1 by David Pantuso
Untitled by Lillian Elaine Wilson