Field of Broken Dreams by Jenny DeVine
Yeah Kid by Adam Weiss
Untitled 1 - 220408 by Douglas Jewell
The Forgotten Gate by Gerald Shonkwiler
Mirror Mirror on  the Wall by Lucy Lasky
Altar by Carl de Moor
The Tower by Gene Dominique
Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels by George Katzenberger
Pines Uncovered by Eduardo Fujii
All About Me by David Cohen
A Framed Mitten by Gerald Shonkwiler
CBG on display by Tanya Myers
Dahlia by Shelley Seidenberg
The Redeemer by Giselle Mantovani
Hurry by Gregory McIntosh
Follow That Lady by Jim Lustenader
Little adventurer by Giselle Mantovani
Agave Americana by Stefan Baeurle
Lighthouse by Doug Tigani
Right Angles by Debbie Scott-Queenin
Obelisk in the light by Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi
Reflecting the Past by Candace Kubinec
Float by Michael Ross
Halifax Mall by Kip Harris
On The Buckle by Lora Goerlich
Car Boat by Sandra Hosking
Frosted Foliage by George Loustalet
Breaking Dawn by Des Wallace
Surf Ave by Des Wallace
Pool Abstract by Jerry Kay
Dress Right Dress by Gary Levy
Portals by Pamela Cain
Band-aid by Brian Lavery
Gaping Shadows by Tom Robbins
Rainy Stroll by Lynne Mass
If I Were Beautiful by John Diephouse
Ride the Light by Jenny DeVine
Woodshop Windows by Will Keyworth