Hospital Window by Dennis Fritsche
Bend by Madison Sosnowski
Alto Vista Chapel by Marie Cantin
Bride and Groom Wait for Rain to Stop by Richard Batch
Summerfeeling by Liz Palm
Lake Ontario by William Dusterwald
Church Steeple by Carl de Moor
Peeling by Travis Martin
Mountain Motel by Ian Danielson
Sales Force Park by Carol Smokler
Garage Lighting by Sandy Lloyd
Shade by Eric Renard
The Governoren's Starboard by Gerald Shonkwiler
Love in the 80s by Alison Webb
Alien Tree by Michael Ross
Old Man In a Turkish Village by Sonia Melnikova-Raich
Geometric Terrace by Marilyn Hands-Twell
Church into the Sky by Luca Giuseppe Bellodi
Wandering Curves by Patricia Beary
Valentines Day by Jerry Wiese
The Ship by David Figueroa
Not Again by Steve Johnson
Glass Menagerie by Robert Jensen
Untitled by Ted Anderson
My Pillow by Margaret Ramirez
Metal Door by János Szita
Hiding Among the Foliage by Valerie Chaucer-Levine
Architectural Mirror by Breno Goncalves
Winter Park by Lora Grant
Boat Stack Rack by Patricia Lewis
What does the future hold by David Storey
Get Me Out of Here by Geffrard Bourke
They're Here by Leanne Trivett
Shack and Tree by Patricia Lewis
Boss Man by Tony Perez
A Las Vegas Morning by Evan William Plunkett
Crab by Marc Sheridan
Fuck you Mom and Dad by Adam Weiss
Overlook by Marlene Weinstein
Bird by Steve Kanicki
OMG! Mom! by Mary Goodrich
Smoke & Cattle by Max Vere-Hodge
Bad Luck Spot by Heather McAlister
General Post Office - HQ of the 1916 Easter Rebellion by John Hamilton
Greek church by Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi
Athens Bar by Helen Stamatacos
Frosty Coca-Cola by Richard Batch
Choo Choo 2 by David Figueroa
Night Blooming Cereus by Stephanie Hogen
La Herradura by Jurgen Dopatka