Worn Out by Brendan Best
Eying the London Eye by Pamela Cain
Plane Angles by Steve Bockstahler
Man and Beast by Michael Hart
Windy Day by Gwen Solomon
We Still Got It by David Cohen
End of Life by Rosemary Williams
Fresh Tracks by Jim Lustenader
Winter road less traveled by Timothy Needham
MoMA by Victor Ginzburg
Sunset by Cheryl Slechta
Arizona Skies by Madison Sosnowski
Street Chic by Lucy Lasky
Toledo Street by Carl de Moor
Dogwoods in bloom by Roberto Frieri
Winter Clouds by David Pantuso
Sky and Trees by Michael Vuckovic
Lines in the Road by Lynne Hollingsworth
Cathedral by Patricia Lewis
Working the Gate by Maura Allen
The Nap by Candace Kubinec
Tangled by Dennis Fritsche
Bearers of grief by David Storey
I Am Broken by Robin Zygelman
No Diving by Steve Kanicki
Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Eftychia Kazouka
49 Geary Street by Gene Dominique
Musical Silhouette by Jenny DeVine
Daily Task by Sam Robbins
Hatari by David Figueroa
Before the dip by Maria Boucaouri
Untitled by Guy Llewellyn
Palms by Mary Goodrich
Anne by Javid Kamali
Glacier Mist by Anne Dignam
True Love by Maura Allen
Vinateria by Heather McAlister
Hunter of the Open Sea by Vicki Sarris
Rodeo Stretch by Maura Allen
Gargoyle by Vicki Sarris
Holding by Mark Sanders
At the Market by Sam Robbins
Waiting For... by Irene Hill
No Carousel Ride Today by Richard Batch
Trees are Beautiful by Songzi Liu
Buddha Belly by Brian Lavery
Brian May of Queen by Tony Perez
End of the Season by Dennis Fritsche
The Rest Room by Sharlene Holliday
Youth by Heather McAlister