Birdwatch by Heather McAlister
Saturday Morning on Canal St. by John Hamilton
Full Moon by Art Braitman
Criss Cross by Steve Bockstahler
Architecture in Flight by Gerald Shonkwiler
Five Cypress by Dennis Fritsche
Rudraksha by Mary Goodrich
Destination Crosswalk by Carlos Chavez-Andonegui
Point Lobos II by Joan Moir
Sunflower of Life by Lora Grant
Marilyn by Lillian Elaine Wilson
Leif in Full Slumber by Les Allen
We Gather Again by David Gates
East Facing Windows by Jenny Verdonk
Ghosts by Max Vere-Hodge
Caricia-Sunnyvale by Beatriz Martinez
Architecture by Miranda Gatewood
Rain by Lucy Lasky
Karla Jamaica by Gene Dominique
Kayaking by Liz Palm
Rabbi Walking by Lloyd Segal
Hala by Aaron Freeman
Light by Cynthia Roelle
Liz by Michael Ross
Magnolia Blossom by Richard Batch
Life Imitates Art by David Gates
The Compass by Anne Dignam
Pt. Reyes Grounded Ship by Lora Grant
Rocks-Cannon Beach by Beatriz Martinez
Billy by Dave Sova
Sweet Dreams by Gene Dominique
Suspension Bridge by Patricia Lewis
Promise by Cynthia Roelle
Hotel Lounge by Geffrard Bourke
Skull by Javid Kamali
Untitled 3 by Chloé Marchal
Ride by Dragan Sandic
Hooray by Minjeong Chu
Sweet Road by Elisabeth Groat
Walk the Line by Michael Vuckovic
Locked by Bill Sinkovich
Pulling the Pulk by Frank Stopa
Stairs by Christos Markou
New Year's Day by Ted Anderson
Phillips Mill Close Up by Chuck Zovko
Botany Bay # 2 by Bruce McCandless
Blossom by Marlene Weinstein
Elsa by Javid Kamali
Couple Trace by Evan Plunkett
Self-Portrait by George Katzenberger