Sifnos Castle by Helen Stamatacos
Pinot by Aaron Freeman
Matrix by Marry Sav
Spring Central Park by James Manfredonia
Devil Wind by Dave Sova
Pretty Horse by Patricia Lewis
Steps by William Dusterwald
Explore by Travis Martin
Three by Leanne Trivett
The bridge by Jose Paulo Andrade
Marvin by Gene Dominique
Aswirl by Dennis Fritsche
Knife Edge by Charlotte Turner
Sunset by Cynthia Roelle
Alien Optic by David Bence
Among the Ruins by Doug Phillips
Through The Roof by Gary Levy
Angkor Temple by Craig Nedrow
Popcorn Bag by Patricia Lewis
Storm by James Manfredonia
El Dorado by Beatriz Martinez
Abandoned Culture by Breno Goncalves
Winter White Pines by Lora Goerlich
Crypt Caskets by Gerald Shonkwiler
The weight of life is smiling by Minjeong Chu
Phillips Mill 2 by Chuck Zovko
Shapeshifter by Vicki Sarris
View From A Room by Patricia Lewis
Puzzle Pieces by Heather McAlister
Learning to Fly by Eftychia Kazouka
Glacier National Park by Geffrard Bourke
Path to Neverland by Liliana Novati
Red or Green by Dennis Fritsche
Retail Machine 04 by Rob Brown
Abstract Folly by Lawrence Silverman
West by Anthony Owens
Downpour by Jim Lustenader
Cottonwood Lake Silence by Stefan Baeurle
Arco da Inovação by Márcia Silveira
Redwoods by Jon Jeffery
Bird by Kasia Janus
Walking Central by Jon Jeffery
Ferns by Pamela Cain
Big man by Marry Sav
Ballerina by Dominika Koszowska
5 AM by Chris Bunney
The Pass by Cynthia Roelle
Sherbert and Succulents by Leanne Trivett
Modern Hut #2 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Shadowplay by Art Braitman