Frozen Music V by Maureen Haldeman
Next Up by Maura Allen
Hard Water Stains on the Coffee Pot by Art Braitman
The Closer We Get the More We Love by Mark Sanders
Pandemic Panic by John Diephouse
Air Plant Spider by Lynne Hollingsworth
Pandemic Shopping by Allan James
Cattails by Dennis Fritsche
Palm Trees by R. Michael DeChellis
Hedge by Marc Sheridan
Ouachita Yard Sale by Guy Llewellyn
Boy and Dog by Irene Hill
Camouflaged Climber by Sebastian Schuster
Spirit Dwelling by Liliana Novati
Plant Geometry by Chris Behrend
Portrait of the Absent Michael Mauracher on the Way Home by Natascha Auenhammer
The Cat by Philip Rothenberg
Celebrating Old Glory at O'Hare Airport by Curtis Fedder
Star Spangled by Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi
Cat Life by Yi-Chia Sung
Untitled 1 by John Deason
Still Life by Cheryl Slechta
8 Seconds of Glory by Maura Allen
Riding High by Gwen Solomon
Light by Cintia Malhotra
Sky Decks by David Figueroa
Shy-San Jose by Beatriz Martinez
Sebastian's Distraction by Carlos Chavez-Andonegui
Prehistoric Silhouette by Heather McAlister
Balloon Festival-1 by Patricia Lewis
Tree Reflections by Lynne Hollingsworth
Santa Monica Pier by Jonathan Pontell
Point Well Taken by Gary Levy
Gaint Steps by Jon Jeffery
Rain-Submarine 1 by Natascha Auenhammer
The Vessel by Gene Dominique
Putting on the Face by Leanne Trivett
Brush by Sandy Lloyd
Wave Watching by Mary Goodrich
I'll Be Watching You by Leanne Trivett
Doorway- Astoria by Loren Nelson
Reflection by Cynthia Roelle
Hanging Out by Michael Hart
The Match by Breno Goncalves
Fisherman by Jorge Gaj
The Eye by Anne Dignam
Nature by Art Braitman
Untitled 2 by Tiziana Sonia Spelta
Love in All Shapes and Sizes by Mark Sanders
Hide and Seek by Lucy Lasky