Beater Blades by Michael Parvin
Untitled 8 by Anne De Geer
Cannon Beach by Russell Lawson
L.A. Pyramid by Addie Jenkins
Opera House 1 by Jürgen Grade
Mattingly's Space Suit by James Maxwell
Barns by Gerry Gilberti
High Kicks by George Omorean
Lights in the Night by Anne-Marie Dannenberg
Acrobats 3 by Joel Krenis
Plumeria by Don Rice
Rock Forms 5 by Gary Alba
La Poupee by Don Conrad
Marginal Spaces 8 by Roberto Frieri
Winter Fog at Neuschwanstein by Jessica Myscofski
Subway 3 by Pepe Canabate
Weep by Michael Lew-Smith
Laural by Kirk Decker
Body in Motion -Series #58 by Doug Foster II
Out of Nowhere 9 by Daniela Gobetti
Waves of Clouds by Gene Nemeth
Vertical Split on the Bicycle Path by Dave Foss
Faces 06 by Silvestre Machado
Dew on Iris by Marc Sheridan
Garron 2 by Bill Cole
The Crooked Pane by Susan Tatterson
Gemini Trees 01 by J. Scott Pollock
Dream Falls by Gary Wagner
Spiral Stairs by Erik Nash
Man Mulling by Gwen Solomon
Sturm und Drang 05 by Stefano Ciol
Fanatic-The Uncritical Devotion of the Spectator-04 by Douglass Dresher
Pure Beauty by Julia Home
Time5.Nice.2018 by Therese Laurent
Black Doll 6 by Eduardo Garcia
Ballerina 2 by Vita Forlenza
Single Slit Experiment 13 by Hiroyasu Matsui
Nevada Test Site by Brett Leigh Dicks
el Copihue by Margrieta Jeltema
Cold Drinks by Karen Commings
Goofy Was Sentenced to Six Months Probation and Ten Sessions of Sensitivity Training by Bruce Barshop
Icebergs in Glacial Lagoon by Russell Kerlin
Marin's Figures Study No. 7 - Archivaldo by Jorje Marin by Misha Gregory Macaw
Girl Power by Jamie Johnson
Two Places At Once by Diane Norman
Crooked by John Stritzinger
Afterimage by Ursula Lelen
Girl on River St. by Ken Dreyfack
Winter Prairie Hymnal by Lesia Maruschak
WW1 6 by Mikael Carstanjen