Lost in the City 19 by Mendes de Almeida
Wind Sculpture 10 by Sanford Davis
Truck 1 by Bob  Neiman
Under The City At Night by Shannon Leah Halvorsen
Some Truth 01 by Chi Kwon Choi
Tajik Tribesmen Playing Buzkashi #11 by John Eaton
Riverbank by Michael Schiffhorst
Dreambuster by Jeff Wiles
Strength and Determination 09 by Matthew DeZee
Corbin & His Pappap #10 by Kenneth Evans
Still Life with Madonna Lillies by Eduardo Fuji
Bokeh Bath 7 by Patrick Davidson
Wildebeests by Guillaume Simioni
Closer to Home 1 by Marna Bell
Street Life 4 by Cris Constantinescu
Life Thoughts I - Little Girl's Point by Anne T. Crans
Final Journey IV by Steven W. Stanger
Fey by Dan McCormack
Melancholy 2 by David W. Love
Elephant Caretakers #2 by Bill Livingston
Bridge 11 by Richard Bresden
Nick by Vera Saltzman
Downcast by Roshni Adi Johki
High Hats by Jim Lustenader
The Start by Alan Mahood
Milky Way over Ocean Lava by Alan Hart
Hell On Earth at Cambodia 5 by Casey Tan
3 Machine Shop by William Bullard
Twisted by Dana Winkelman
Untitled 2 by Jack Cusano
Missing #1 by Bjorn Bjornson
Walking in the Rain in San Barnaba by Jim McKinniss
Stratojet No.2 by Tom Sliter
Childhood's Moments 2 by Sonia Braga
Untitled #12 by Peter Madero III
Zhadid 229 by Eli Matityahu
Aileen LXX by Michael Ian Goulding
McDonalds by Christopher Tamas Kovacs
Oshun by Tiana Hunter
Whiskers-2 by Doug Testa
Rancho Luz 1 by Michael Stoklos
Thin Stream by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Mother and Child by Tony Roberts
So Far To Go by Robert C. Anderson
Anatomy#3 by Mark P. Taylor
Venice #11 by Cheryl Slechta
Harvesting Grain by Clinton Whitmer
Frosty King by Stephen Schafer
Untitled 7 by Shaun Mazurek
Light Mmoves 0175 by Rick Menapace