Basilica di San Nicola by Chrystal Lea Nause
The Fashion Girls by Carol Cirillo Stanley
Auenhammer Grass 2 by Natascha Auenhammer
Strokkur Geyser 1 by Emmanuel
Riverwalk Meditations 18 by Jason Huntzinger
The Boathouse 8 by Mary Woodman
Untitled 8 by Visti Kjar
Line of Trees in Snow by Harald T. Johnsen
6 Martha Swan by Alvin Reiner
Spiral by Hilda Champion
Eastern State Penitentiary #2 by Al DaValle
Neighborhood by Beverly LaRock
Nude in the Dormer 1 by Jon Meyer
Stantions by Kenneth Tyson
Colosseum by Tom and Marj Green
Wuhan 6 by Francesco Carucci
CA Route 120 by David Ruderman
Grotesque #2 by Kathy Conway
Commuters No.7 by Frank Dina
LaSalle Street by Jose Paulo Andrade
Cirque du Foreét by Mauricio Mendiola
Wigwam Ford by Gregory Collins
Chinese Mother in Italy #5 by Margrieta Jeltema
London #11 by Stewart Jack
Michigan Theater by Mark J. Kushner
Second Beach Swirls by Jan Bell
Found 10 by Lynne Mass
Princeton Welding #1 by Mitch Nelles
Catholic by Matthew Ragen
Metropol by Karina Castan
Foggy Walk 8 by Mark Gardner
Giraffe by Paolo Ameli
Telephone Call and Truck by Robert Guido
Peace in the Forest by Robert Davis
The Fallen Branch by Duschan Tomic
Touch of Light VI by Mio Akashi
Water into Water by Nicholas Stover
Infirmary Wing East by Eric T. Kunsman
Venus 8 by Harold Batson
The Wild Rose by Oystein  Ruud
Building With Reflection #4 by Don Jacobson
Untitled 4 by Linda Hollinger
Steam by Peter J. Pelke II
USS Missouri 10 by Miriam Klepper
Geometries IV by Stephane Graciet
Alone by Wayne Norton
Untamed Creations by Bogdan Grygriel
Ride Cymbal by Ron Meyer
Metal Sculpture by Michael D. Isenberg
Danceworks #290 by David Tucker II