01-Stephen by Joshua Sarinana
Actress doing Makeup in Rehearsal Minneapolis by Roger P. Watts
Expression of Faith by Carlos Abraham
Only a small fire by Bjarne Holmgren
Untitled 2 by Anne De Geer
Woman with Fan 2 by Laurie McGowan
The Actor by Michael Greig
Envy by William Acosta
Glam Man by Judy M. King
Khubh 8 by Robi Chakraborty
No más señales de humo by Carlos Rozensztroch
Carnival Duet by Ronaldo Pichardo
Gandy Dancer by Steve McMahon
SideB 8 by Philippa  Stannard
Untitled 2 by Frans Jacob Krebs
Just a Little Too Far by James Pryor
Rachael's Hat by Donald R. Eaton
My purse and dog by Alex Hoffmaister
Storekeeper by Nathan Dean
carnival girl by Wesley Maye
The Look by William Acosta
Till We Meet Again by Chester Ng
Aunt Pearlie Sue #2 by Stan Singer
Pandora by Francine Meckler
Yes by Sheila Bodine
Making Plywood by David L. Robertson
Just in the Middle by Ronaldo Pichardo
Dark Angel by Terrie Moeller
Reminiscence 2 by Rachel Seoyeon Lee
Potter by Donna Parker
Native American 4 by Jennifer Green
Haiti Calling by Michael Gora
Southern Secrets by Paul Arnold Ford
Philadelphia by Stephan Elko