Digital / Concept

3Encounter3 by Hugh Jones
Floating by Steve Levinson
Leaving Dark Horse Farm 10 Eastbrook by Kathleen A.E. Donohoe
Alter of Adoration 1 by Priscilla Kanady
Radial Lines in the Discrete Window by Ronaldo Pichardo
Eye Witness by John H. Cho
Who am I by Rima Virbauskaite
Patriotic Hen by Steven W. Stanger
Without a Map #6 by Linda Barsotti
Starry Night by Michael P. Manheim
Mandala Mysticism by Joan Moir
SL140. Los Angeles by Gregory Talley
Monsters in the Falls by Scott Fowler
The Sacrifice by Shawn Shawhan
New World by Max Sturdivant
White Room by Joshua Sarinana
Hal Kaye Self Portrait by Hal Kaye
Mars 1 by Oliver Raschka
SL272. Los Angeles by Gregory Talley
Waiting by Marlene J. Hodge
La Sirene 2012 by Michel Kirch
Light Folds by Steven W. Stanger
Beyond City Limits by Joshua Sarinana
The Emerald City by Shawn Shawhan
The Drifter by Max Sturdivant
Eye Witness 3 by John H. Cho
Alter of Adoration 5 by Priscilla Kanady
Without a Map #3 by Linda Barsotti
The Mad Hatter by Ron Draxler
Angel in Rain by Kay Schenel
Taking Flight by Jane Vickers
Alter of Adoration 3 by Priscilla Kanady
Reminds Me of Andy by Ron Draxler
Eye Witness 2 by John H. Cho