Looking Up 10 by Jim Sinsheimer
The Look by Harvey Cobb
Lake in White #3 by Shinya Ichikawa
Bridge 4 by David Chui
Statue of Liberty by Cameron Kline
05 Wangjing Soho #137 by Jurgen Dopatka
6 Fl. Polytechnic Univ. by Joe Constantino
Seafood by James J. Maloho
Gene Pool by Debbie L. Rubin
Station 03 by Janos Szita
Lassoed by Stephen K. Hall
Bridge to Nowhere by Alina Marin Bliach
Children's Play #10 by Per Erik Langaanes
The Passage Home by Eric Williams
Climb by James J. Maloho
Stonewall & Wooden Gate by Paul Kister
Judi and the Wolf by Lawrence Silverman
One Power Line by Stone Peng
Germaine by Gary Koenig
Reflection by Ed Ries
Collapsing Dunes #8 by Barbara Ford Doyle
Salute by Giulio Zanni
The Drip by James J. Maloho
Bird Watching by Sophie Mosimann
Inna 2 by Paul Blieden
Refuge by Claudia Ruiz Gustafson
Candles at the Cathedral by Nacho Garces
Silent Ocean 5 by Darcie Sternenberg
Palazzo Tetta by Giulio  Zanni
Ying & Yang by John R. Pepper
Solitary by Steve Chinn
A Peaceful Moment by Patrick Binns
Auschwitz 5 by Yolande Querens
Veil 3 by Saman Majd
Images of the Frontier by Timothy Needham
Devil's Punchbowl by Howard Landau
Sunflower 2 by Neil Williams
Urban Myopia 4 by Martine Michaud
Dolphin by Alfred S. Pagano
Bent by James J. Maloho
Finding Her Voice by Keith Harper
Shannon 3 by Duane Reed