Snowy Landscape by Prescott Lassman
You Don't Have To Be Straight by David Cohen
Striped Pear by Marc Sheridan
Lashes by Chris Villiers
Beth Sholom On High by Gary Levy
Stockholm by Gene Dominique
Ingierstrand Bad by Liz Palm
Lady Liberty and Storm Clouds by Jenny Verdonk
Bathroom Window by Dave Sova
Bjørvika sunrise by Owen Lewis
DEEP RAIL by Luca Giuseppe Bellodi
Transitory by Aynsley Stelfox
MHB by Joe Puglisi
Table Setting by Geffrard Bourke
Frosted by Chris Bunney
Cathedral Door by Carl de Moor
End of the Season by Sam Robbins
Model In The Fog by Jerry Kay
Profile by Brian Lavery
A Guardian by Cintia Malhotra
Wailing Tree by Will Keyworth
Lights by Leanne Trivett
Roman Aqueduct by Carl de Moor
The Splash by Margaret Ramirez
Peaceful Slumber by Steve Johnson
Bridge by Sandra Hosking
London Skyline by Jonathan Pontell
Matanuska Glacier by Javid Kamali
Aged & Neglected by Joe Puglisi
View from the Coast Starlight #2 by Janet Milhomme
Where they Fell - Little Big Horn by Timothy Needham
Mother and Child by Ravi Thadhani
Data Recorder by George Katzenberger
Untitled by János Szita
Pandemic Selfie by Rosemary Williams
End of Summer by Steve Johnson
Gray by Javid Kamali
Sheep in Pickup by Kip Harris
Street Trace by Evan William Plunkett
The Neighbors by Michael Hart
Gauge Face by George Katzenberger
The Worrisome 15 Minutes After That First Vacinnation by Curtis Fedder
Food trucks by Carol Smokler
Boardwalk by Leanne Trivett
Ominous Sky 1 by Chuck Zovko
By the shore by Giselle Mantovani
Sexy Love by Mark Sanders
Shining Through by Chris Behrend
Christmas in the office by Roberto Frieri