I Am Max by David Cohen
Steamy nuts by Marry Sav
Electric Avenue by Joe Puglisi
Peirs and Jessie by Dave Sova
Painting of Asian Woman by Alison Webb
Boardwalk by James Manfredonia
St. Patrick's Cathedral by Lilyan Aloma
Venice piano player by Lloyd Segal
Running Late by Charlotte Turner
Stairs by Christos Markou
Looking Up by Marlene Weinstein
Julia's Pool by Vicki Sarris
Rooftop by Marilyn Hands-Twell
Orquidea-San Jose by Beatriz Martinez
Gnarly Beach Trees by Marlene Weinstein
Under Construction by Craig Nedrow
Pampas Grass in the Wind by Lora Grant
Contrasts by Cintia Malhotra
Smokin' by Dave Sova
Into the Storm by Luca Giuseppe Bellodi
Foggy Crossing by T. Brian Hager
Sycamore Tree Sky by Chuck Zovko
Migration by Jenny DeVine
Proud Home by David Cohen
In Between by Evan William Plunkett
Tuileries by Jonathan Pontell
Sunbathing by Bob Neiman
Multiplication by Dragan Sandic
East Window by Dennis Fritsche
Sea Shell by Rosemary Williams
Untitled 3 by John Deason
Le paysage by Sara Szpektor
Weeds by Travis Martin
Untitled 2 by John Deason
The Hand that Commands. by Leslie Goldman
Mount Ascutney by Leonard Hellerman
VESPERTINE II by Maureen Haldeman
Calla Lily by Marc Sheridan
Phone Booth - Broken Connection of the Past by Lillian Elaine Wilson
Dead End by Liliana Novati
Tube by Michael Ross
Tennis Courts by T. Brian Hager
Wind Power by Mary Goodrich
Mother by Robi Chakraborty
Wood Grain by Brendan Best
Information by Jim Lustenader
Best Seat in the House by Maura Allen
Curtain Close Up by Chuck Zovko
Balloon Festival-2 by Patricia Lewis
Skeleton by Rodrigo Lodi