Venice by Dominika Koszowska
The Future That Is Past by Ricardas Jarmalavicius
Under the Bridge 1 by Claudia Welsh
Powerful-Bean Holow by Beatriz Martinez
Hoboken by Eddie Wexler
Front Lights by Lucy Lasky
Slaves Burial Ground #7145 by Miranda Gatewood
Wedding Chairs by Sharlene Holliday
Untitled #11 by Peter Madero III
Egg by Travis Martin
Tires by David Pantuso
Layered Up by Steve Bockstahler
Doodlebug Coaster by Dusty Cooper
Transit Rider Study 4 by David Pantuso
Brew Time by Denise Silva
Vespertine I by Maureen Haldeman
The Aftermath by Jenny DeVine
Watching by Brendan Best
2 Palms by James Gale
Untitled 4 by John Deason
Light Lasso by Judy M. King
Horse Fence Snowed In by Michaela Foreman
Flyby by Jan Tratnik
Terroni Ii by Maureen Haldeman
Choo Choo 3 by David Figueroa
Metro by Alberto Porres
Friday's Midway by Joe Puglisi
Woman in Face Mask by Lloyd Segal
Reflections on Childhood by Patricia Beary
Bored by Steve Johnson
Colonnade by George Loustalet
Bride by Marie Cantin
Baxter Fountain by Jurgen Dopatka
Preparing for Disaster by Craig Nedrow
Off the Main by Sheryl Hess
Female Figure by Philip Rothenberg
Slaves Burial Ground #7124 by Miranda Gatewood
Shop Cat by Carly Bach
Untitled 17 by Peter Madero III
Spring in the Smurfs' Village by Ricardas Jarmalavicius
Special Tea by Lawrence Silverman
Untitled 4 by Chloé Marchal
Supply Chain Breakdown by John Diephouse
Shadows by Liz Palm
Subway Station by Tony Perez
Bulbs by Miranda Gatewood
Brewery Reflection by Geffrard Bourke
Endless Bridges by Curtis Fedder
The Last Tree and Its Roots by Breno Goncalves
Salt Pocks by David Storey