Death Valley Cloud by Jerry Kay
Train 45 by Ian Danielson
Urantia by Lilyan Aloma
Commune by Evan William Plunkett
The Most Lovely Green by Songzi Liu
Walk in the park by Victoria Sandoval
Convergence by Frank Stopa
Weston and the Coat by Leanne Trivett
Privacy by David Pantuso
Stick Marsh by Lynne Hollingsworth
Nesting Pears by Marilyn Hands-Twell
Joshua Tree by Javid Kamali
Fountain by Carl de Moor
Lonely Horse by Victor Ginzburg
Untitled 1 by Tiziana Sonia Spelta
Sunrise at the beach pavillion by Carol Smokler
A New Beginning by David Cohen
Jessika2 by Robi Chakraborty
Railings in the Rain by Candace Kubinec
Boardwalk by Rosemary Williams
Moonlight Over Tahoe by Sonia Melnikova-Raich
Tanks by Lilyan Aloma
Mary Tillery by Gene Dominique
At Night by Gianfranco Vidali
Forest by Doug Tigani
The Pool by Songzi Liu
Butterfly In The Sun by Patricia Lewis
Redrock Landscape by Carlos Chavez-Andonegui
Opus by Anthony Owens
Exposição by Márcia Silveira
My Rose by Songzi Liu
The Looking Glass by Margaret Ramirez
Laundry Folder by Kip Harris
In the sunrice by Dominika Koszowska
Putin Lurking Backstage by George Katzenberger
Untitled 16 by Peter Madero III
Fond Memories by Art Braitman
Quiet Moment by Mary Goodrich
Abstracts by Elizabeth Rudulph
White Fence- Oysterville by Loren Nelson
The Doctor's Office by Bob Neiman
Treelicious by Kathy Triolo
Standing Watch by Jenny DeVine
Traditions-Sunnyvale by Beatriz Martinez
Halloween by Elisabeth Groat
Summer Visions by Lynne Mass
Ghosts 2 by Max Vere-Hodge
Suffering for His Art by Denise Silva
Let's Play by Luca Giuseppe Bellodi
Leaning Tree by Brian Schneider