Fast Check-in by Ricardas Jarmalavicius
Heart Rock by John Rodrigues
Martini Up by David Bence
Skull Rock by Jan Tratnik
Room 105 #2 by Tom Kirkendall
Untitled #13 by Peter Madero III
Event Horizon Warehouse by Jon Jeffery
Pep Boys by Lillian Elaine Wilson
Winter by Liz Palm
Bored Shopper by Robin Zygelman
Happy Fishing by Ravi Thadhani
Hmc 1 by Doug Tigani
Rainy Day by the Tracks by Steve Johnson
In All Her Glory by Jenny DeVine
Quokka Curiosity by Ravi Thadhani
The Pier by Jenny DeVine
Shadow by Larry Chan
Far Enough by Ted Anderson
Open by Kathy Triolo
Homesick by Michelangelo Viterbo
Portrait in White. by Arina Francke
No-Tell Motel by George Katzenberger
Botany Bay # 1 by Bruce McCandless
All Lined Up by Timothy Needham
Cairns by Anne Dignam
The Sky Is Ours by Giselle Mantovani
Jaguar XKE by Gene Dominique
Mother by Robi Chakraborty
Selves by Leanne Trivett
City View From the Cemetery by Patricia Lewis
Looks Like Winter by Bob Shor
Piano Man by Leslie Goldman
Home on the Range by Denise Silva
Point Virgule by Eftychia Kazouka
Call Me by Jonathan Brooks
Voting Machine by Steve Kanicki
Randy's Truck by Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi
Mirror by Maria Boucaouri
Arches by Maureen Haldeman
An Egregious Egress by Gerald Shonkwiler
Lower Manhattan by Gene Dominique
Archway and Steps by Carl de Moor
Untitled 4 by Tiziana Sonia Spelta
New York by Lucy Lasky
Rose by Kathy Lee
Going Down by Irene Hill
Mermaid by Layla Foster
Florida Snow by Bob Shor
Starry Night by Debbie Scott-Queenin
Accordion Player on the Street by Richard Batch