Destination Unknown by David Guidas
Altar Thoronet Abbey by Christopher Priebe
After The... by Michael Howard
Church School Window by Edwin Close
Inside the Cat House_pe by Alan Wood
Railtown Lathe by Marj Green
Lizard Skins and Withered Daffodil by Gina Genis
The Wall by Alicia Gubala
Mustang P51 by Herminio Alberti
Shear Sharpen by Jeff Bader
Oil Tanks by Roger Lieberman
Tired by Stan Singer
Boiled Eggs by Rick Kattelmann
Atonement by Arlene Stanger
Untitled 3 by Bill Davison
Thinking Spot by Jarret Quinn
Graybar Fan by Scott Hoyle
Lookout by Michael Parvin
Reflections Against Manikin in Window by Jonathan Briggs
Burnside Bridge by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Rack Stack and Barrels by Paul Crampton
Deceivers by Erwin G. Markowitz
Birches and Benches by Beata Podwysocka
Building and Shadows by Bruce Blum
The Book by Bob Ashley
Shoes by Barry Homewood
Net Storage by David Patria
Tank by Yuniel Espinosa Castro
Old Cabin Window by Christina Power
Untitled by Alan Wood
He Didn't Have A Chance by Marshall Gould
Untitled 2 by Myles Gallagher
Village Corner by Thanh-Tung Bui
Tenant by Beata Podwysocka
Value by Stephanie Lehr
Westons Swan by Ernie Flowers
Winterwait by Carlos Marchand
Fallen by Alan Wood
Copies 5 Cents by Allan R. Lamb
Barefoot by Stuart Brontman
Untitled 2 by Bill Davison
Canoe Points by Dennis Usdan
The Show's Over by Stan Singer
Ferris Wheel by Alan Wood
Aged Shoes by Marvin E. Seiger
Top it Off by Marvin E. Seiger
Untitled by Erin Bechtold
Machine Muscle by Mark Moulthrop
Pierce Point Ranch by Bob Ashley
Caddy on the Move by Alan Wood