B&W: 2016 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Happy Family by Carole Usdan
Three Hinges by Dolph Miller
37 Bentley by Robert J. Hansen
Grey Spheres by Len Blau
Old Truck by Christina Power
Locked by Robert J. Hansen
Pipeline by Michael Parvin
Window View by Dennis Fritsche
Thompson Springs Wall by Jason Huntzinger
Well Traveled by Norman T. Robbins
Mouth Shouted by Herminio Alberti
July Fourth by John Lewis
Untitled 5 by Karen E. Curran
Mermaid by Thanh-Tung Bui
Billhook by Stephen Hodgetts
Waterfall by Joe Fretz
Here to Stay by Robert Hewgley
Untitled by Jane Vickers
The Fountain by Susan B. Griffith
Bathroom Words of Wisdom by Alan Wood
Natures Call by Eric Williams
Renovation by Bruce Blum
Brokade Lips by Jerry Whitty
Late Afternoon by Joe Fretz
Cataclysm by Carolyn Kennedy
Spiral Staircase by Dona Corben
Stick by Mark Greenland
Nuts and Bolts by Allan R. Lamb
Lonely Northeast Harbor by Christopher Priebe
Ladders by David Guidas
Left Behind by Jarret Quinn
Lady by Carlos Marchand
Gears by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
Stockings#1 by Van Marcu
The 3 R's by Peter Ingrasselino
Barn Trucks by Daniel Zalewski
Public Phone by Len Blau
Soft DesIre by Van Marcu
Beneath the Freeway by Tom Green
Lets Give Peace Another Chance by Carole Drong
New York 10 by Chris Bruner
Remembering by J. Michael Gannon
Patio by Sorin Costache
Empty Egg Cartons by Nathan Caplan
Reflections in Sculptural Window Poster by Jonathan Briggs
Memories of Games Gone By by Peter Ingrasselino
Cranes in Fog by Marvin E. Seiger
Measure of Calm by Bernard Werner
Railways by Carlos V. Caruso
Mourning Jack by Herminio Alberti