Oudayas Door by Michael Klick
Orthodox Cemetery 2 by Boris Zhitomirsky
Street Lights by Jarret Quinn
Dog Skull by Gina Genis
Preah Khan by Kathy Ann Mott
Perfect Beauty by Sorin Costache
Visitor by Bernard Werner
Dead End by Tina Kim
Old Farm Truck by Nathan Caplan
Testament Turnbull Wildlife Refuge by Duwane Huffaker
Industrial Sculpture by Mark Moulthrop
Mediterranean Overlook by David Patria
Silva's Kitchen by Don Buelter
Back Door by John Lewis
Train Wheel Press by Tom Green
Ramesses II by Chris Needham
Tivoli by Marilyn Canning
Concrete Echos by John B. Shadrick
Eureka Door by Allan R. Lamb
Dream House by Stan Singer
Waiting in the Shadows by Alan Wood
From another world by Herminio Alberti
Haunting by Dona Corben
Wind O Willms by Marshall Gould
57 Chevy by Jacob Locker
Repent by Michael Parvin
Hard Times by Philip Gornicki
Adriatica by Massimo Pedriali
Memorial to the Unknowns by Nathan Caplan
Puro! by Don Buelter
Bozeman Livestock Sales by Nathan Caplan
Horses In A Circle by Christopher Priebe
Night Boat by Christopher Priebe
Old Grand-Dad by Peter Ingrasselino
Sunbeams by Alan Wood
Window Shelf by Marj Green
Roadworks Art by Mirco Fontanella
Which Way by Jarret Quinn
Trailer by Bill Sinkovich
Light and Water by Normal Press
Backstreet by Linda Omelianchuk
The Weee Man Sculpture by Maggie Sale
Untitled 3 by Karen E. Curran
A Plumber's Road To Heaven by Marshall Gould
Solitude by LeeAnne Mallonee
Wire Bird by Cathy Parks
Carnival Palace by Marilyn Canning
In The Trees by Jarret Quinn
Daily Wisdom by Peter Ingrasselino
Columns and Shadows by Bruce Blum