The Ghost Departed by Robert Voorhees Jr.
Dinosaur Graveyard by Michael Howard
Wooden by Sophie Mosimann
What's Cookin' by Alan Wood
Black Silberpfeil by Duschan Tomic
No. 6 by Dan Richard Barber
Untitled 1 by Bill Davison
Like Shootin Fish in a ... Fish Market by Lou Zucchi
Open Bar by Stan Singer
The Steeple by Allan R. Lamb
Black Angel by Peter Madero III
Heaven by Surin Banyatpiyaphod
Church with Cross by Gary Wagner
Coastal Contemplations by Marshall Gould
The Evocative Ghost Bike by Marshall Gould
In Berlin by Paula Kankare
The Peace by Allan R. Lamb
Power Pole and Memorial by David Lovegrove
Paris Gargoyle by Scott Amling
Baseball in a Tree by Leslie J. Yerman
The Pitch by William Gleeson
Boathouse Mandal by Frans Jacob Krebs
Don't Run No More by Angela Mendez
Ancestry by Carolyn Kennedy
Cars by Silvestre Machado
On Hold by Dawn L.C. Miller
Lupine View by Gerald L . Long
Diner Door by Nathan Caplan
Marina by Nicholas V. Sherbina
Awaiting Summer by David Patria
Pinocchio by Sorin Costache
Untitled 7 by Maris Martinson
Fuel the Valley by Jon Evan Glaser