Clock Tower by Nicholas V. Sherbina
Orthodox Cemetery 1 by Boris Zhitomirsky
Apasara by Surin Banyatpiyaphod
Keneseth Israel by Stan Singer
Settler Remnants by Mark Moulthrop
A Forgotten Adventure by Brendan T. Kelly
Fronds by Gary Matson
Decay by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
No Visitors by Michael Howard
Forgotten by Linda Omelianchuk
Untitled by Carolyn Kennedy
The Lonesome Cowboy by Marshall Gould
Honda by Nathan Caplan
Lava Rock by Thanh-Tung Bui
German Star by Duschan Tomic
Feathers by Jerry Kay
Bug by Mike Spector
Private by Joan B. Myers
Untitled 1 by James Chapman
Tiny Vase of Tiny Snapdragons by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Retired Paddle by Thanh-Tung Bui
Traffic by Pat Cornett
Carter Notch by Ron Plumhoff
Steel Flowers  Amarillo TX 2015 by Eduardo Garcia
A Lone by Stan Singer
Is Anybody Out There by Paul Crampton
Central Park Snow by Ron Trimarchi
The Titanic by William Acosta
Ascension by Joe Fretz
Behind the Retina by Paul Crampton
The End of Paradise Road by Sanford Davis
Untitled 3 by James Chapman
Untitled 152 by Anna Agoston
Happy Birthday by Edda Blume
Untitled 4 by Maris Martinson
Wig Wall by Michael Parvin
Untitled #1 by Jeff Campbell
Antietam National Cemetery by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
His Final Crossing by Marshall Gould
Feathered Quill Pen by Peter Ingrasselino
Bubbles by Gregory Talley
Lights in the Dark Room by Sorin Costache
Lean by LeeAnne Mallonee
SP&S by John Eaton
Untitled No. 14 by Chuck Snow
Deadend by Bob Ashley
End of the Road by Allan R. Lamb
Sand Castle by Alan Wood
Send in the Jesters by Kathleen Nademus
Shopping for Tops by Dennis Fritsche