Blond Mannequin by Tom Green
Guest Relations by Normal Press
Parkside by Edwin Close
Anacapa Light by Gerald L . Long
Cooling Off by Michael Parvin
Door 304 by Justin Burrus
Riveted Attention by Bernard Werner
Plymouth No1 by Jim McKinniss
Precipice by David Lovegrove
Anne by Shannon Phair
Flush by Alan Wood
It's a Sign by Normal Press
Bike Study by Jarret Quinn
Untitled 1 by Karen E. Curran
Aliens by Cheryl Quick
Mannequins by John Sumner
Curtain by Larry Chan
Morning Coffee by Mike Spector
Old Cabin Door by Christina Power
Railtown Fuses by Marj Green
Untitled 1 by Maris Martinson
Morning Fog by John B. Shadrick
Eggs For Rent by Allan R. Lamb
Bonds by Mirco Fontanella
Alcatraz Window 1 by Michael Rubin
Lunch Time by Ron Trimarchi
Frown turned Upside Down by Alan Wood
Abandoned by Dona Corben
Bewa Lake by Paolo Ameli
Medusa by Jerry Whitty
Reflected Light by Joe Fretz
Two Power Boats by Christopher Priebe
Locomotive's Shadow by Art Braitman
Into the Void by Jeff Bibb
Figure With Scarf by Steven W. Stanger
Awl in a Nut Shell by Paul Crampton
Camino by Carlos Marchand
Kandinsky's Dream by Robert Steffen
Tidiness by Alicia Gubala
White Sands No. 3 by Stefano Sagri
Flags of Honor by Kathleen Nademus
Nearly by Terry Bowker
Family Out of Order by Normal Press
The Cart by Carlos V. Caruso
Mill Stairway I by David Lovegrove
Roofline Reflection in Window by Jonathan Briggs
Mill Stairway II by David Lovegrove
Broken Cross by Perry McNeal
Horseplay with a Raging Bull by Duschan Tomic
Locked by Nathan Caplan