Looking Down by Gary Wagner
Whirling 8 by Susan Tatterson
Experiments With Meniscus Lenses-1 by Aleksey Ubeyvolk
Battle of Ft. Sanders 2 by Rosemary Williams
Untitled 9d by Alan Hans
Eggplant by Patrick Binns
Pepsi Open by Robert Fischer
Taos Pueblo 7 by Susan Delgalvis
Other Angle 3 by Paul Italiano
Enigmas 4 by Dennis Fritsche
Amy Wrap by Ian McFarlane
Steel and Glass 2 by Tom Kirkendall
Grief by Carol MacLeod
I Feel Pretty by Leslie Goldman
7 Trenton Air Museum by Simeon Posen
Cocoon 8 by David Robertson
Street Scene #3 by Jim Gabbard
Workers Unload Goods Along the River by Mikel Flamm
Aberrations 5 by Dusty Cooper
Untitled 12 by Roger Raepple
Elliot by Leonie Moreland
The Stare by Cyrille Leif Roger
Picture Window by Anne Dignam
Ghosts 1 by Brian Guernsey
Johana by Klara Swiderski
Toms Too by Richard C. Johnson
Gray Streets by Makayla Roark
Slack-Jaw Lion by William Bullard
Reflections 2 by Bill Golding
Shizen-Wa No.1 by Patrick Cicalo
0845 Hours by Chris Stevens-Yu
Untitled #3 by Dennis Luckenbill
Rusting Car From a Previous Century by Scot Morrison
Landscape #3 by Jeff Schewe
Clean by Shaun Larkin
Helping Hand by Gwen Solomon
Death #1 by Arvid Fimreite
Drought by John Schum
Untitled1 by Jose Paulo Andrade
Helen's House by Jeff Weiser
Sword Series #8 by Alex Davis
Light Waves—Abstract Photographs of Reflections From Lake Superior 2 by Craig Blacklock
Paper Plant 12 by Jon Meyer
Hold Please by Abraham Ross
Action Cafe by Anne Tapler White
4th of July by Valesha ODell
Lhasa #7 by Shinya Ichikawa
Naxos Musician by Brian Dolzani
2 Miss Cuc and Bunker by Alvin Reiner
NYC Streets 7 by Bill Livingston