Dry  Leaf 1 by Eduardo Garcia
Lollypopulus by Irina Kruchinina
Untitled 5 by Patricia de Ocio Dudley
Bristlecone Pine by Eric Engles
Lucid by Jason Ray
Multnomah Falls no 1 by David Martin
Getaway. by Ludmila Ketslakh
Horses on the beach 11 by Yolande Querens
Argument by Thomas Janzen
I Cut My Own Hair by Liza Botkin
Dim Light by Kelvin Small
Stone Arch Bridge by Sue Ann Najdzin
Trying To Wrap My Mind Around The Diagnosis 2 by Jeffrey Lapid
Woods on Fire by J Michael Gannon
Last Fling by Kay Beausoleil
The Lean of the Tree by Kathy Lee
News Banner by Lisa Haun
In the Fog 1 by Stephane Graciet
Garry Oak Meadow 4 by Marion Villines
Mom and Dad by Roxanne Fogel - Kaufman
Tenderness (from the series Minnelied) by Margrieta Jeltema
World's Largest Bobblehead by John Custodio
Newman College by Mati Maldre
Bella Water 4 by Ken Goodrich
Archaelogical Record by Curtis Ballendine
Les Invalides by Thomas Speck
Half Life by John Romie
Teaching by Alan Wieder
Dancing Feet by James R. Swartzlander
Minnesota State Fair 8 by Jerry Wiese
Polder Schermer 8 by Linda Koopman
Viscay Hotel by Stuart Brontman
Adobe and Hornos by Frank Dobrushken
Untitled 1 by Matthew Windle
Tree Branches by Sasank Sasikumar
Portrait 3 (tree trunk) by Daniel Ivan
On the Menu by Karen Commings
The Bike by Suzanne Stanton
Trees_60 by Michael Frey
Performing Arts Center by David Robinson
Eye in the Sky by Magnus Snorrason
Firefighters 3 by Carl Young
Break Time by Gary Levy
Untitled 6 by Leonard Hellerman
Western Maryland Steam Locomotive 1309 No. 5 by George F Walker
Grain Elevator by Eric Hagemann
Barn in morning fog by R. Michael DeChellis
Timeless Beauty 2 by Randall Boardman
Untitled 8 by Paul Baskett