The Bell by Andrew Egan
Non Conformist by Gerry Limjuco
Mover and Shaker 5 by David Cohen
Metalworks No. 51 by Gerald Pisarzowski
Church Feather by Gregory Talley
Kimberly VI by Michael Goulding
Palazzo Nuovo by Rob Haff
Venuses Of The Sierra by Linda Hollinger
Architectural Abstraction 111 by Lawrence Bernstein
Maddy by Dave Sova
Lonley snag in snow by Ron Croft
Big Mover by Arthur Jacoby
The Prophet Distressed by Rumi Ral
Carrie by Elizabeth King
Confidence by Ray Schneider
Italian Americans 12 by Ethel Wolvovitz
David by Gary Koenig
Domino Park Chess Player by Rafael Perdomo
Rosalia by Dean Forbes
Lake ice 7 by Robert Anderson
Sufi Women And Cats by Robi Chakraborty
Coming Home by Knut Hovind
Best Buddies by Robert Guido
Water Tower by Tom Robbins
Ronda by Richard Schick
Summer Fun by Lynne Mass
Inside the Train by Hillary Greene-Pae
Ladakh By Bike 05 by Thomas Watkins
Novitiate by Victoria Ruderman
It's not road 66, this is S.S.309, studi1 by Massimo Pedriali
Pacific Wilder by Stefan Baeurle
Sweet Fresh Oysters by Lawrence Silverman
W-wa #2 by Arkadiusz Kubisiak
Being-Journey #10 by David Bence
Faces of Astoria 7 by Sam Blair
Blues by Martin Drapkin
All my dreams came true by Mindaugas Gabrenas
Figure Study 05 by Martin Frank
River by John Rodman
The Grumpy Man by R. Andrew Hoff
Photo Construct VI by Steven Stanger
The Athenian.  Lauren Michelle Custer by Edward Dose by Edward Dose
Ocean Falls No. 15 by Darcie Sternenberg
Photoshot by Helena Stjernberg
WomanWithScarf by Olivia Marone
Louie Remembered by Andrew Bourne
Might by Danielle Austen
Katrina #4 by David Tucker II
If You Talk To God by Joshua Rayburn
Lovely Bones by Barbara McCabe