Sadie at 101 by Jan Yarborough
Stockyards and Skyline by James Esten
UP by Steve Scheuring
Statue of Three Figures at Cimitero del Verano by Jim McKinniss
Why Won't It Close by Jacqui Turner
Soy Bean Bales by Robert Ellis
Collision by Richard O'Neill
Follow Me by Elizabeth Sanjuan
Albizia Tree by George Katzenberger
Nevada Desert 8 by Lau Haaning
Figure study by Carl Young
Fanta Orange by Stephen Kanicki
Discount Feed by Robert Anderson
I See You by Ira Serkes
Hacienda by Heather Wilk Quillen
Baker Station by Eric Renard
Dia de los Muertos 2 by Shaun Mazurek
Ancient Petroglyph by Bill Gerrish
Black Bear Cub by Thomas Croce
Carolina 154 by Chris Bruner
Window scenery 11 by Jürgen Grade
Giant Cottonwood Tree by Michael Stoklos
Mercury Helmet & Boots by James Maxwell
Contortion by Susan Annable
Lily Pads and Reeds in Morning by David Gray
Breakaway by Alyn Brereton
Show Time 4 by Robert Guido
Many Wishes by Melissa McCluskey Carlson
Cubist Nude #6 by Michael Slack
Mount Tamalpais 9 by Warren Agee
Lying awake by Brandon Simpson
The hollow mask illusion by Paulo Andrade
Day of the Dead 7 by William Bullard
Sunset Crater by Lois Tema
Echo the Sadness by James Pryor
Word Travels Fast by Jeremy Beckman
Face Places 6 by Estêvão Lafuente
Padaung Child by Emanuel Dale
Bubbling Eggs by Barbara Maker
Untitled by Kit Zare
Napoli 1 by Rob Haff
Home Project nr 07 by Arvid  Fimrette
Baltimore Infrared by Brian Peyton
Into the Abyss by Dennis Walworth
Sounds of Silence by Ellen Rosenberg
Rear Window 6 by Stephen Mack
Fountains Abbey Yorkshire 8 by Jim Tetlow
Saguaro Skeleton by Jo Kubran
Sunset in the Grand Canyon by Gilbert C. Pogany
Stone Poem No.4 by Patrick Cicalo