Windows Vista by Stuart Myrhow
Bottle 7 by Brian Newcombe
Gordon #1 by John Siskin
MASQUERADE 4 by Ken Ball
Fashion Portrait by Jerry Kay
845pm by Brandon Ralph
Wild Horse Monument #29 by Craig Eilers
Pieta by Arthur Jacoby
Mercury Helmet & Boots by James Maxwell
Leslie #6 by John Siskin
Lighting the Moon by Steve Zmak
Sightings by William R  West  Jr
The Watch-NYC by William R  West  Jr
Claire #4 by John Siskin
Twin Levitations by William R  West  Jr
Motion 9 by 95 william jackson
810pm by Brandon Ralph
Pyramid by Stuart Myrhow
Sixes River by Stuart Myrhow
Fashion Portrait by Jerry Kay
Moonrise Over Witch's Keep by Steve Zmak
Two Part Invention by Stuart Myrhow
Crate Fragment by Brian Newcombe
Watchful Illusion by Catherine Panebianco
After Hours Musings by William R  West  Jr
Afloat by Stuart Myrhow
Bottle Fragment 3 by Brian Newcombe
The Conversation by William R  West  Jr
Digression 1 by Nate Johnson
Unconditional Love by Catherine Panebianco
Weightless Light by Catherine Panebianco
Polaris Gate Opening Over Big Sur by Steve Zmak
Digression 4 by Nate Johnson
MASQUERADE 6 by Ken Ball
Motion 8 by 95 william jackson
Michelle #9 by John Siskin
Polaris Gate Public Entrance by Steve Zmak
Alighting by Stuart Myrhow
Convening by William R  West  Jr
Broken Bottle by Brian Newcombe
Converstaing by Arthur Jacoby
Crushed Bottle by Brian Newcombe
A friendly game by Arthur Jacoby
Water Delusion by Stuart Myrhow
MASQUERADE 5 by Ken Ball
Digression 9 by Nate Johnson
Mask Of Death by William R  West  Jr
Milk Carton by Brian Newcombe
SOKOL Escape Suit by James Maxwell
945pm by Brandon Ralph