December 21279 by Leah Macdonald
Lia Dugal The Shade Revealed Portrait 2 by David Nienow
Getting to know each other by J. Scott Pollock
Looking Baaaaaaack by Laurie Blanksma
Untitled 2 by Esther Roberts
Looking Down by Jason Au
The Speed of Bike1 by Debbie Scott-Queenin
Bottle 7 by Brian Newcombe
Foreign Soil by Richard Collens
Danger Zone - Trolley Diaries by Sophie Mosimann
Untitled 12 by Anne De Geer
The people by Diana Juliusdottir
Foundry Still Life by Tom and Marj Green
Abandoned Mill Stream and Bridge on the Haw River Upstream from the Dam by Jon Meyer
Gordon #1 by John Siskin
Fortress Capitol Hill - Aftermath of January 6, 2021 - 9 by Craig Nedrow
Glowing Mountain by Mauricio Arango
Hand Shadow by Stan Kuran
Dozing Off by Marjorie Gurd
Tentative by Debbie  L. Rubin
Sweet Little Angel by Jan Doyle
Elevated Station Downtown by Curtis Fedder
Getting Smashed 10 by David Cohen
Hutong 6 by Petr Travkin
Midway Lights 1 by Simeon Posen
Defeated by Doubt by Leonard Vincent Rode
Buoy Abridged by George Loustalet
Determined by David Lancaster
Road Repairs by Charles Crain
Walking Tall by Gwen Solomon
Urban Asylum by Hengki Lee
Rock Patterns by Gary Wagner
MASQUERADE 4 by Ken Ball
Mailbox 7 by Irene Hill
A memory of trees #43 by Rick Menapace
Smoker 2 by Boris Keller
Fall light by Tyler Smith
I Wanna Hold Your Hand by Samuel Vovsi
Crack Canyon 2 by Linda Hollinger
BandW-4 by Alan Hans
Stairs 5 by Donald Menges
Tree along the CottonwoodTrail by William Lemke
Fire Dancer 7 by Edward Bartel
Making Glass by Bob Bader
Liberta by Vangelis Kalos
ANONY by David Stewart Klein
Kirkmaiden Church by Thomas Wells
Untitled 2 by Jo Don
Car on Mother Road 1 by Roberto Soares Gomes
1200 Fifth by Brian Moore,