Out of the Shadows by Eric Renard
NYC Corona Lockdown 11 by Peter Madero III
Self Portrait 2 by A. David Wunsch
Other Worlds 7 by William Jackson
Touch the Sky by Jeff McDonald
Ghostly Bunkhouse by Dennis Walworth
Untitled 01 by Thomas Phoon
Don't Miss! by Keith Blandford
Passage of Covid-7 by Stuart Lieberman
Untitled 12 by Timothy Floyd
Chevy Truck by Stephen Wilson
African Lion 2 by Barbara Collister
Long Shadows by Bill Hambly
Eyes of Fire Peoria Illinois 2020-11 by Elsburgh Clarke, MD
Tunnel Vision by Jason Au
Untitled 8 by Don Ketchel
Pepper by Gregory Hom
BLM Rally 12 by Bill Livingston
Vulkan Pulidors by Stewart Lewis
The Garden 2 by Michael Bille
Subway Woman by James Manfredonia
Mermaid Parade 001 by Marna Bell
Extrapolations 2020-7 by Joseph Pizzuto
Crystal Bridges Museum Fountain by Gerald Shonkwiler
Into the Light by Sandy Alpert
Discarded but Not Forgotten by Kathy Conway
Fire Wave - Study No 3 by Norbert Wabnig
Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region #11 by Shinya Ichikawa
Preserve Pathway 04 by Mary Woodman
Dali Girl by Stephen Burnett
The West by Timothy Needham
Tesla by George Katzenberger
Steady Against the Flow by Elizabeth King
Ode to Ahna 6 by Dana Winkelman
Untitled 4 by Paul Italiano
Levers by Marj Green
Number 2 by Alan Hart
Sliema Pitch by Daria Troitskaia
3-Air Communication. by Aleksey Ubeyvolk
Overlooked by Richard Batch
Vision #4 Minor State Building by Gustaf Elias
Emerging #9 by Robert Hopkins
National Gallery of Art by John Lewis
The Cape by Jose Paulo Andrade
Living Space by Lisa Hunt
Train 7 by Suzanne Roland
Sweeping Clouds by Jeanne Garrett
Cheroot Smoker by Mark Ferguson
Absurd Hero by Paul Bibby
Foule (Detail) by Éric LeBlanc