The Traditional Korean House 'Hanok' by Kwangbum Park
Together by Christopher English
Abstract Walkway #5 by Karen Curran
Clown Shoes by Tyler Vance
Camp Chesterfield by John Siskin
Broken Windows by Bob Neiman
Los Escondidos by Juan Valencia
Lighthouse by Todd Gipstein
The Home of the Brave by Daniel Sackheim
Family on Road Outside Paro by Larry Snider
Lovers 4 by Gilbert Maker
African Fest by Marty Drapkin
Drying by Robert J. Anderson
Autumn 3 by Sylvie Pinsonneault
Adriatica 10 by Massimo Pedriali
09 Confrontation by Judy M. King
07 Sax by Arvid Fimreite
World’s Largest Catsup Bottle by J215 ohn Custodio
Transformation 9 by Marilyn Canning
Taylor No. 10 by David Robertson
Untitled-3 by Emanuel Dale
Innocent Night 10 by Jung Guhyun
Rosa Parks by Mickey Adair
Ice by Daniel Joder
Young Girl by Robert Woodward
The Tall and Mighty West by Maura Allen
Nightmare by Liliana Novati
Covid-19-Alone and Scared by Lynne Mass,
Aftermath by John Morrow Jones
Light Dance by Beamie Young
Untitled 2 by Irene Hill
Corona Shot #11 - Golf Tees by T. Brian Hager
Three Petals by David Cohen
Terraplane by C E Morse
The Clinic at Village Health Works6 by William Bullard
American War Cemetery and Memorial #12 by Peter Willemse
Touchstones in St. Clement's Church by Robert Poole
8-Outdoors. by Aleksey Ubeyvolk
Lone Cowboy by William Mark Sommer
Amberd Fortress by David Karamian
Impermanence - 02 by Giorgio Faustini
She II by Laura Eternod
New Life by Kay Beausoleil
Welder by Richard Karp
Pitch Pine 7 by Mikael Carstanjen
Sculpture No. 9 by Gerald Pisarzowski
Place Vauban by Heikki Gröhn
Figuras by Don Rice
Pier by Simon Laufer
In the Clouds by John Schum