Wind Mill on Rancho Luz 1 by Michael Stoklos
Silos 7 by John Eric Lutz
Celestial Knots - 3 by Andrew Ilachinski
Remote Clasp by Tony Jackson
Pine Tree by Thomas Teich
Cathedral Gorge 2 by Gary Alba
High Tide by Henry Neimark
Storm Couds Over Desert by Catherine Duggan
The Dead of Night by Jeremy Beckman
Abstract Dialogue (Between Two Architects, Oscar Niemeyer and Siza Vieira) 01 by José Roberto Bassul
Outhouse by John Doyle
Fallen Juniper by Harsh Agrawal
Underground9 by Estêvão Lafuente
Ice Sculpture-1 by Pratibha Reddy
Elephants of Chitwan #6 by Chris LaMaine
Pine River No. 33 by Gerald Pisarzowski
Luna by Steve Levinson
Young Spruce Among Friends by Bruce Herman
Helping Out by Maura Allen
Birds on a Wire by Kip Harris
Divine Illumination 9 by Jim Sinsheimer
Navajo Dark Winds by Timothy Needham
Horse on the Beach #28 by Jim McKinniss
Elements Ice by Natascha Auenhammer
Untitled 5 by Wayne Stix
Fidget6 by Simon Laufer
Her Bitter Soul by Laurie Blanksma
Nesting by Kevin Clark
Plumerias 11 by David Ruderman
Untitled 1 by David Saiget
Petrin Tower by Robert Swiderski
Cherry's Caribbean Palace by Philip Segal
33rd St Station by Matthew Mu
Untitled 4 by Tod Smith
Pit Stop by Sam Robbins
Matthew by Stan Kuran
Twisted by Nancy Miiller
Trigonometry by Jason Au
Clouds 3 by Bob Neiman
Amish Teacher & Student by William R. West
Talc Plant by A. David Wunsch
Ice #12 by Judy Yemma
Labyrinth by Sara Szpektor
Bluesy Dreams by Natalie Soto
Lazy Day Boating by Bob Bader
The Bride by Aaron Marko
Morning Dew by Reed Pike
The Protector by Samuel H. Brown
Plant - Sumner House 4 by Mikael Carstanjen
Tibetan Rug Making-Katmandu by Doug Testa