Silently Waiting by Barbara Socor
Rearview Mirror and Clouds by Hillary Greene-Pae
Bicycle and Shadows by Karen Curran
Stuff by Ron Plumhoff
Ready for Planting by James Selders
Untitled #2 by Craig Mohr
Apron by Arlene Stanger
Daydreaming by John Diephouse
Backyard Hoops by James Manfredonia
Closing Time by Robert Ellis
Radiation by Lynette Yu
No Hunting by Mike Eubanks
Celestial Gate by Elisabeth Groat
Tickets For Two by Nestor Novo
Tulips and Cookies by Walter Pinkus
Steam Train Abstract by Marj Green
GT40 by Ryan Bradshaw
Twilight by Wayne Palmer
Stonehenge by Richard Batch
Coney Island by Wayne Palmer
Silo Path by Tom Green
Black Vase by Arlene Stanger
Pagoda by Kenneth Bordfeld
Three Birds by Sasank Sasikumar
Alien Inspection by Robert Schweibert
Enter The Matrix by John Diephouse
Whirlpool by Judy King
Circular Prayers by David Storey
Guardian of Transportation #3 by Susan Delgalvis
The 40 by Ryan Bradshaw
Old School Sprinklers by Josh Hollander
Masked Ladies by Robert Levine
Out to Pasture by Walter Pinkus
Origami 5 by Elisabeth Bard
Everyman by Jo Fields
Ride to Nowhere by Hillary Greene-Pae
Assay Office 1896 by Lani Doely
Riding High by Anne Dignam
If The Shoe Fits by Marlene Mendez
The Butler Did It by Gwen Solomon
Untitled by Joao Carlos Cembranel
Solemn by Sara Szpektor
Cemetery de St. Pierre by Ben Murphy
Lazy summer days by Ron Croft
Chair 1 by Darius Gražėnas
Untitled 1 by Dennis Luckenbill
Wall Dinosaur by David Moenkhaus
Falling From Above by John Diephouse
Mission Window by Tom Green
USS Midway by Gerald Shonkwiler