Gilded Age Florida by Andrew Weinstein
Sunset by Robert Ellis
In Memoriam by Debbie Scott-Queenin
Barn Latch by Tom Green
Towering Above the Prairie by James Selders
Sea Ear by Robert Schweibert
Jug of Wine by Marj Green
Hard Landing by Wayne Palmer
Abandoned Pulleys by Joe Puglisi
Stacks by Kenneth Tyson
Wet Jet by Joe Puglisi
Cemetery With Bare Tree by Jack Feder
Leaving Oak Bluffs by Michael Stimola
A Pepper by Michael Holtz
Track Lighting by Barbara Socor
That Wanaka Tree by Sasank Sasikumar
Ruined Wall From B'lding in Brooklyn by Jack Feder
Cadillac Ranch by Eduardo Garcia
Irregular Sequence by Darius Gražėnas
Cemetary 2 by Trotter Hardy
Leaves Reflected by Sasank Sasikumar
Way of the Cross by Tod Smith
Gate Keeper by Marj Green
Mysterious Light by Donna Parker
Where Only Grasshoppers Dare to Tread by Jeremy Beckman
No Entry by Azriel Knight
1934 Chevy by Tom Green
Oyster Abstract by Andrew Ilachinski
Grandpa's Store Shed by James Selders
Boathouse by Sasank Sasikumar
Glistening Tissue by Christine Truhe
The Planets by Craig Mohr
Through the Veil by David Storey
Display Stockholm by Tom Sandler
The Dummy and the Doll by Tom Green
Sunset Rails by Michael Stimola
Paying Their Respects by Judy King
Unnumbered by Roberto Frieri
Rivets Falling by Lou Fischer
Warehouse Entry by Joel Rubin
Glass Blocks #04 by Jürgen Dopatka
The Stairs by Evan Plunkett
Eyes Closed by James Manfredonia
Conversation With Morning Coffee by Darius Gražėnas
Summer Storm by Michael Stimola
Snowy Door by Doug Tigani
Reaching Out by Carlton Johnson
Dally Up by Ben Murphy
Beachball by Lani Doely
Veering Off Track by Marlene Mendez