Uptake by Gary Levy
Last Drill Standing by Gary Bailey
Gears by Joe Sack
Cougar by Nicole Picard
We Were Beautiful by Ted Byron
Hello by SharonHoffmann
Locomotion by Stephen Majsak
Chair 3 by Darius Gražėnas
The High Life by Marcos Villarreal
All Tickets Here by Ann Cady
Tree Branches and Stone by Sasank Sasikumar
Beautiful Old Architecture by Karen Curran
Figure of Hope by Michael Holtz
Solitude by Rick Menapace
Abandoned by Anne Dignam
Wear Safety Shoes by Joe Marabito
Destruction by Stuart Lieberman
Guardian of Transportation #5 by Susan Delgalvis
Vielle Cabine Téléphonique by Francis Elsocht
Broughton by SharonHoffmann
Flea Market Doll by Richard Batch
Rocks by Sasank Sasikumar
Pulley in the Sky by Marj Green
Shuttered by Kay Beausoleil
No Fish by Lou Fischer
Cemetary 1 by Trotter Hardy
Chain Link Curving by Joe Puglisi
An Act of Rage & a Gesture of Peace by Azriel Knight
Untitled #1 by Craig Mohr
Awaiting a Penitent by Marlene Mendez
Still Life by Marlene Mendez
Lagoon and Bird by Sasank Sasikumar
Coming Around the Mountain by Anne Dignam
Brick Wall by Thomas Gilson
Motorcycle Garage by Jerry Kay
Turtle Shell by Joel Rubin
Cracked Under Pressure by John Diephouse
Weeping Giant by Margaret Sears Lindley
Weigh Station by Denise Ockey
Guardian of Transportation #4 by Susan Delgalvis
See Nothing Say Nothing by Robert Levine
Rust and Clouds by Hillary Greene-Pae
Graveyard Light by Robert Ellis
The Generator Room by Denise Ockey
Fast by Nestor Novo
Your Move by David Cohen
Floating Boards and Reflections by Walter Pinkus
Windy Beach by Sasank Sasikumar
No Gas by Hillary Greene-Pae
Worker by Brittain McJunkin