Strand's End by Judy King
Grain Elevator by Tom Green
Rusty Truck by Lisa Dempski
Lighthouse by Doug Tigani
Master Lock by Nestor Novo
Omg by Joel Rubin
Intertwined by Marj Green
The Reset Key by Joe Puglisi
Row 110 by Diane Michaud Lowry
Peter Iredale by Lani Doely
Self Portrait-the Long Lens by Sandra Marshall
Four Poles and a Bird by Sasank Sasikumar
Barf by Arthur Jacoby
Chain Link Shadows by Joe Puglisi
The Titan by James Selders
Patio by Wayne Guenther
Spanish Tray by Denise Dethlefsen
Reed Geometry by Michael Stimola
Corks by Joel Rubin
Antelope Horn by Michael Holtz
Rocks by Sasank Sasikumar
Pots for Cooking by Marj Green
Weeping Statue by Brittain McJunkin
It’s Raining Moss! by John Faltus
Exhausted by Jürgen Dopatka
Tides by Sasank Sasikumar
Just a Chair by Melissa Lackey
Steam Train 1269 by Marj Green
Art Reflection by Jerry Kay
Chair 2 by Darius Gražėnas
Roots and Captive Stone by Bill Dixon
Eyes of a Tractor by Hillary Greene-Pae
To Be Announced by Azriel Knight
When the Music's Over by John Diephouse
Oldsmobile by Stephen Majsak
Boilers by Arlene Stanger
Life Is Only a Flicker by Lawrence Silverman
Lynn's Window by Diane Michaud Lowry
Nautical Reflection by Rosemary Williams
A Little Texture Play by Nancy Mack
Please Take Out Your Trash by Jon Meyer
Sails by Ross Kaplan
Edges by Jane Sydney
Poles and Wires by Kenneth Tyson
Dings and Stratches by Diane Michaud Lowry
Three-Quarter Moon by Susan Jane Britsch
Abandoned Delight by Natalie Morawsky
Downtown Durham by Karen Curran
Chair and Robe by Robert Schweibert
Magnifier by Marj Green