Long Ridge #8 by Tony Williams
Discarded by Robert Pitney
Untitled #6 by Kenneth Evans
LA Station by John Simpson
Gentlemen by Beverly Conley
Love by Sandy Lloyd
Clay Pots by Jeanne Garrett
Seascape 5 by Terry Strayn
Afternoon Cigar by Denise M Silva
Danny at the Window by Rebecca Moseman
Santo Stefano by Michael Stimola
Misquamicut by Elin Dolle
Untitled 5 by Gaspar Marquez
Lighting the Moon by Steve Zmak
Unit 10 by Norm Snyder
The Bull's Eye by Jean Wibbens
Mane by Christina Herd
Albuquerque Alley #67 by Dave Sova
The Protector by Samuel H. Brown
Untitled 6 by Amado Magtoto
Sightings by William R  West  Jr
Kat 2 by Angel Morales
Snow Fences by Joe Sack
Oyster Abstract #10 by Andy Ilachinski
Metropolitain by David Ruderman
Sand Pattern #6 by Don Jacobson
Epic Alps 11 by Patricia Turo
Clearcut Survivors No2 by Christian Dumoulin
Form and Void 1 number 5 by Nathan Spotts
Houston 6 by Eduardo Garcia
She Walks in Beauty 6 by Malcolm Lobban
Falls Bottom by Stuart Williams
OMG! by Jim Lustenader
Saguaro Hillside by Tom Sliter
Community Church by Robert Voorhees Jr
Dignity for the farmhands exploited in Italy by Domenico Iannantuono
Native American Remnants 1 by Jim Shoemaker
QAnon Supporter and Her Car by Clinton Kemp
Powerplant Hook by RW Hawkins.  rwhawkins.com
The Sea Tower Penthouse Apt at Night by Carolyn Edelstein
I Love You by Lynne Mass
San Emigdio hills no.6 by Mark Cohen
Sailing in the Inner Harbor by Pete Hendley
Ice Abstract I by Loren Nelson
Lotus 10 by Leonard Hellerman
Street Musicians #1 by Steve Siegel
The Abandoned Cathedral by Fulvio Masuero
Rush Hour by Guillermo Franco
Wiring Harness by Harley Cowan
Twin Tanks by Unrequited Love