Wild Mouse by Larry Blackwood
Art Institute of Chicago by Marcus Kreidl
Baltimore Avenue by Chris Watts
Descent by Ethan Wilson
Guardian Angel by Kim A. Holz
Cement Plant by Paul Perrini
Icons by Ron Draxler
Keeper of the Gate by Kim A. Holz
Untitled 8 by Paul Sokal
Behind Bars by Harald Ingebrigtsen
Donovan by Nadia Adams
Baby in a Box by David Lykes Keenan
Untitled 5 by Anne Scott
Countryside by Joshua Steven Lasinski
Untitled 24 by Wolfgang Stöger
Trailer by Dave Wood
Snow Angel by Bill Bain
Wheel of Time by Jurgen Dopatka
Child With Bible by Kim A. Holz
Cranky by Vern Bartley
Folded Hands by Kim A. Holz
Barn by Jeremy Lindstrom
Home Is Where the Heart Is by Nadia Adams
Downtown Mall Garage by Ed Perkins
Old Mack Logger by Tony Moares
Untitled 4 by Wolfgang Stöger
Chandelier by Paul Wainwright
Toppled Dreams by James Rasmusson
Empty Table by Randy Raak
Door in Swaida by Anas Shehadeh
In the Sun by Carla Fernandes
No Photographs by Steve Huth
Fork and Roots by Elena Ehrenwald
Refraction by Scott Carlin
Skully by Brittney Cook
Gone by Andrew Effendy
The Bridge Tenders Tower by Brian DeWolf
White Canons by Carlos Rego
Musical Chairs With Light by Mr. Stevo
No Goldfish by Scott Carlin
White Rabbit by Carlos Rego
Untitled 1 by Anne Scott
Art Deco With a Touch of India by John D. Wilkins
Too Many Notes by Dave Wood
Personal Messages by Adrian Roland Davis
Sand Sculpture by Virginia S. Metevia
Untitled 13 by Wolfgang Stöger
1446 N. Main by Lon Casler Bixby
Pensive by Heiner Pflug
Skully 2 by Brittney Cook